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Buy Finax dublin - How to buy Finax in canada

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Do you speak construction? Do you know if your contractor is marking up goods? Do you know the order of installations?  You need an advocate for YOU.  Let me make the construction/remodel process easier.

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Design is an evolution.  A collaborative process between your interests, ideas and feelings and a designer’s trained eye, experience, vision and resources.  Trust the process!

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Our Services

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Replace your outdated, inefficient, or drafty fireplace with one that you will love. You will wish you had done this sooner!

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I work with the best contractors in the area and guide them to ensure your project is a success.

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Convenience of one-stop shopping, or simply helping you to select the perfect pieces from your favorite retailer.

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Updating countertops can quickly upgrade your kitchen or bath.

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The right tile or flooring can be overwhelming. Like magic, we can find and install the perfect material for you.

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We select and install the perfect lighting for your space.

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The right colors set just the right mood.

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Consultation for the most complex design challenges or the simplest questions, I am here for you.

Our Portfolio

What Our Clients Say

Kelli's input and guidance in choosing wall colors and new kitchen granite was outstanding. We went from a new home with all white walls to a fully coordinated design that helped existing artwork and furniture really stand out. The colors she helped us select took advantage of our outside view and has brought warmth and an integrated environment. In our absence, she coordinated all aspects of the job, scheduling contractors and overseeing the work. This was invaluable. We are thrilled with the final results.

Coordinated Design

( Ken and Lana B. )

I have worked with Kelli Walden twice, the most recent being a master bedroom/bath remodel project in the Foothills.  I have found her help and guidance invaluable!  She is able to work within the design components of the client's home, is sensitive to working with a budget, and strives to add a sense of vitality and a contemporary flare to her work.  She brings a wealth of resources to the job and works extremely well with contractors and suppliers.  She has made what seemed to be a daunting undertaking (tile selection, carpet selection, fixture selection, etc.) possible and manageable within a given timeline.  Can't recommend her highly enough!

Repeat Client

( Phyllis P. )

Kelli has been very dedicated to finding out who we are and what we wanted our space to be.  We are so pleased with our living room design it feels warm and comfortable while fitting perfectly with our contemporary remodel.  She was extremely patient and professional working with our timeline.

Warm and Comfortable Living Room

( Trudy N. )

When remodeling a new home there are so many questions to be answered.  Kelli had expertise in all the big questions and the million little ones.  My home wouldn't look as good as it does without her help

Remodeling a new home

( Susan C. )
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